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Catit Style Cat Scratcher - Not your typical ugly-looking cat post

Whatever the reason, it's an innocuous ritual where nobody gets hurt, except of course for inanimate objects like your favourite sofa or chair - the usual casualties of cat scratching. 

Traditional Scratchers
Cat scratching posts are excellent for attracting and taking the brunt of cat scratching, allowing felines to scratch to their heart's desire and saving your cherished furniture from permanent scarring.

The market is teeming with all kinds of scratching posts, most of them look like, well, like cat scratchers, consisting of a base and a slim cylindrical post. 

Design convergence
Hagen Catit has come out with two cat scratchers that break away from traditional-looking scratch posts. 

The new scratchers are cool-looking works of art that combine functionality and style. Cats will no doubt enjoy clawing into the scratchers and cat owners will love how they blend nicely in homes.

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Enticing scratchers
The business part of the scratchers, the scratching surface, is made of a special blend of corn-husk and sisal rope that's very feline friendly. The tightly-woven material closely resembles corrugated paper, which cats adore scratching. 

The scratching surface is soft and feels nice, which is an excellent combination that cats will appreciate. It's also very resistant to shredding or fraying so that there is no messy fallout.

The cat scratcher is very stable and will not tip over during normal use, thanks to it plastic base. If additional stability is required, you can fill the vase with small pebbles. 


Ornamental Style
On the aesthetics side, cat owners will love the decorative aspects of these scratchers. The contemporary-looking ornaments are trendy. They don't look like your average scratcher so they won't stick out as much. The neutral grey colour finishing blends in well virtually anywhere in the house.

The vase-like ornaments are hollow, so you can add artificial plants for enhanced visual appeal.

For added enticement, spray with Catit Senses Catnip Spray.

Catit Style Cat Scratchers are available in two models: Hourglass and Vase.