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Dogit Gŭmi - Mini Size              



Oral hygiene is important for all dogs, no matter what size.

At only 10 cm (4") long and 3.8 cm (1.5") wide, Dogit Mini Gŭmi 72903, 72909 and 72914 are custom-made for small canines. So now they too can enjoy clean and fresh teeth.

Dogit Gŭmi turns the often difficult task of dental care into a fun and exciting time. The dental toys encourage play, clean teeth, and exercise jaw muscles, all at the same time.

Gŭmi toys look like bones so they'll be a sure hit with your pooch. Some also have pouches in which you can insert treats for added attraction.

Incandescent Smiles
The dental toys have a variety of surface ridges that effectively help floss, remove plaque and brush hard-to-reach places. Removing plaque is the best way to prevent cavity-causing tartar buildup.

So while your dog is having a great time gnawing on a Gŭmi toy, it's also getting a good dental cleaning. It beats brushing and can be done anytime your dog plays with the toy.

Many Cleaning Surfaces
The dental toys have many surface finishes each designed for specific cleaning functions. Scrubbers remove food and saliva lingering on teeth. Soft wavy surfaces gently massage and stimulate blood flow to the gum line. Nylon ridges help remove plaque.

Three types available

Gŭmi Chew & Clean helps remove plaque and cleans hard-to-reach places. This dental toy has pouches at each end. You can fill one with water and freeze it to soothe sensitive gums during teething. You can fill the other one with an enticing treat.
Gŭmi Floss & Clean includes minty floss that penetrates tight areas between teeth. It also produces minty-fresh breath. Flossing helps prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease.
Gŭmi 360° Clean has two rotating ends that provide complete 360° degree cleaning. Made of nylon, this dental toy cleans deeply as it rubs against teeth. The nylon and rotating ball combo effectively removes surface buildup and fights cavities. The fabric's ribbed edges also help remove plaque.

Safety Tested

Gŭmi dental toys are made of materials that have been tested and approved by an independent lab for safety and non-toxicity.

Always supervise your dog when you offer treats, chews and toys.

Also available in larger sizes.