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Jogging mate

Dogit Jogging Mate is a practical hands-free jogging belt with leash that makes running with your dog so much easier and convenient. With Dogit Jogging Mate, you don't have to hold your dog's leash-it does it for you!

Simply strap the belt around your waist, attach the leash to your dog's collar, and off you go on your run. The leash is made of strong yet flexible bungee cord, which adapts to your dog's pulling force.

It has swivel bolt snap hooks at both ends to ensure it securely attaches to the belt. The belt is padded and adjustable so that it fits comfortably and snugly around your waist.

It has two D-rings that allow you to attach the dog leash on your right or left hand side. It also has a carabiner to clip on accessories such as a waste bag dispenser (sold separately).

The belt has a reflective trim to help with night-time visibility and also comes with a cell phone pouch.

Woman running on trail with dog.

It’s hot out there - help keep your pooch
hydrated during your walks

Dogit Portable Water Dispenser provides an easy and convenient way to ensure that your dog has quick access to water when outdoors or on the go. It is ideal for a wide variety of occasions, including playtime, walks, hikes, camping, travelling in the car, and at the beach.

The water dispenser consists of a drinking tray and pet bottle. Simply fill the bottle with fresh water, screw it onto the dispenser cap attached to the tray, pull open the cap, squeeze the bottle to fill the tray, and hold it to allow your pooch to drink.

The dispenser comes with a belt clip for easy, hands-free carrying.

Dogit Portable Water Dispenser
Dogit Portable
Water Dispenser

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