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Add creative mood lighting to your aquarium with the Prism multi-color spotlight LED (14545). Able to mount anywhere on glass underwater, the second generation Prism is now offered in black with a more compact body design that not only blends into the environment better, but also casts a more powerful 6.5 watt beam. As before this remote-controlled accent LED features up to 80 color options and several fun special effects.
The latest generation Prism boasts a new powerful 6.5 W light beam that is capable of projecting up to 6 feet/1.8 meters.
Creates a wide range of hues to suit any style or desired mood effect.
Special effects include sunset, storm, heavy storm & full color cycle.
Designed for submersed use only. Do not operate outside water.
Rotates up, down, and side-to-side to shine light in any area of the aquarium.

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