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Marina Breeding Boxes - Safe Birthing Areas


The key to successfully breeding livebearer fish (fish that swim immediately at birth) is to create a safe area for both the pregnant female and her fry.

For the expecting female, you need to set up a separate birthing area that will not stress her out. Her new environment should have the same water conditions as her place of origin, as any change can be disconcerting and cause premature births or stillbirths.

When the female gives birth to (or drops) her fry, there must be a place set up at the bottom of the holding tank that's completely blocked off and inaccessible to the female above, so that the fry are protected from any harm.

Perfect Breeding Spaces
Marina's new Breeding Boxes, available in three sizes, have a number of key features that help make the whole birthing process a safe one for all involved.

Hangs Outside the Tank
First, the breeding boxes can easily be mounted outside the tank so that you can have direct and immediate access to your fish. This is also a great spacesaving feature.

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Creating Consistent Water Conditions
The breeding box comes with an intake tube that allows warm oxygenated water from the aquarium to flow into the box so that fish enjoy the same water conditions as the aquarium.

Isolated but Connected
Attaching an air pump with flexible airline tubing (sold separately) to the intake tube creates vigorous water flow and fresh oxygenation. The bottom line is that you create a vibrant and life-sustaining aquatic environment complete with clear, fresh water that's perfect for breeding.

In this kind of setup, additional heaters or filters are not required.

Protecting the Young
At the bottom of the breeding box, there's a V-shaped separator that efficiently collects falling fry, safely protecting them from the female and creating a secure nursery.

3 Models Available
When not breeding fish, you can also use the breeding boxes to isolate or acclimatize fish. They're also well suited for shrimp.

The 0.7-litre and 1.2-litre models are single-unit boxes. The large 2-litre version provides the option of creating three separate breeding compartments.