Traveling with the family dog

Traveling with the family dog

Taking fido along comes with several unique challenges. Here are a some tips to help make your trip a safe and enjoyable one for everyone, including your pooch.

Practice Runs

If your dog is not yet accustomed to the driving experience, it's a good idea to take him out for several dry runs. This will allow him to get used to the sights, sounds and movements of your vehicle. Drive him to the park or other exciting destination so that he gets used to the idea that the end of the journey comes with a reward.

Day of the Trip

Feed your dog a few hours before your departure so that he does not travel on a full stomach, in the event that he gets motion sickness. Keep something familiar near him, such as a favourite toy or blanket to provide a sense of security. Give him plenty of water during the course of the trip.

If your dog is prone to car sickness, talk to your vet about anti-nausea medication. If your pooch is a very hyper traveler, ask your vet about possible calming strategies.

Practice run
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Buckling Up

Dogs should be treated with the same safety considerations that apply to children. You would never even consider allowing your child to ride on your lap or front seat. Same thing for dogs. They must ride in the backseat and secured with a safety harness that's specially designed for dogs. It's also a good idea to cover your seat with an old blanket or sheet to protect car seat fabric from stains.

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Pet Carrier

You should never leave your dog loose in the back of a minivan, SUV or pickup. Place your pooch in a pet carrier and cushion it with comfortable padding, such as a pillow or blankets. Ensure that the carrier is securely strapped down so that it does not slide all over the place.

Ensure that your furry friend cannot stick his head out of the window while you're driving. You would never allow your child to do the same. When you make pit stops during the course of your trip, allow your dog to stretch out, get some fresh air, and do his business. Keep him on a leash. Never leave your dog alone in the vehicle.

Pre-trip Checklist

  • Make sure that dogs are allowed where you plan to stay, including campsites. Some locations may also have specific bans on breeds (such as pit bulls or rottweilers)
  • If you're crossing a border, enquire beforehand about any dog restrictions
  • Make a list of all the important items that your pet will need: favourite toys, medication, transport carrier, comfortable bedding, bowls, plastic waste bags, stain and odor remover, paper towels, brush/comb, leash, tether, vaccination certificate, and collar with identification tag
  • Make an appointment with your veterinarian shortly before leaving as an up-to-date file may be necessary for your pet at certain hotels, campsites or border crossings
  • Make sure to bring food and a can opener (if required), water and treats to meet your pet's usual requirements. This is not the time to change his diet
  • Pack a first-aid kit for your pet
  • Bring a recent photo of your pet; if you should lose him, you will increase your chances of finding him

Family vacations should be fun and rewarding, even when you take your dog along for the ride. A little pre-trip planning coupled with a thorough checklist for your dog's needs will go a long way to help make the experience
a good one.

Family vacations should be fun and awarding


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