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To some people, life is about how much you have going on. But at Zoë, we think that sometimes, the most beautiful moments comes from simplicity-life's little pleasures, like time with family or a loving pet that makes the stress of a long work day just disappear.

That's what Zoë is all about. Pure and simple with ingredients that you recognize and appreciate. Fun flavors that mix it up a bit so that your cat or dog don't give you the I'm-bored look when it's treat time.

Hey, life is too short to be offering average treats. And if you're a cat or dog, you know what we're talking about, right?

Make it fun. Make it flavorful. Make it Zoë.

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Zoë Tempting Trios Pâté with Tuna, Cuts of Chicken, Sweet Potatoes & Pumpkin - 100 g (3.5 oz) Zoë Dog food Zoe Tender Bites - Vanilla & Mint

Zoë Tempting Trios

Zoë's Tempting Trio wet dog food combines three different taste sensations in one tray.

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Zoë Dog food

All natural dog food, proudly made in Canada.

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Zoë Tender Bites

100% natural and highly palatable, Zoe treats provide your dog with excellent nutrition and flavour in every bite.

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