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Dogit Bust it

Deep-Penetrating Stain & Odor Buster

Stains and odors caused by toilet accidents go deep, penetrating far beyond the surfaces of fabrics, carpets and rugs.

We typically reach for a household cleaning product to clean the mess.

But did you know that regular cleaners often fall short when it comes to completely eliminating deeply entrenched organic smells lingering far below the surface?

Bust it Stain and odor Buster

If Dogs Could Talk

On the surface, we assume that we've completely eliminated all traces of dog urine and feces, but in fact, household cleaning products can only do a superficial job.

Your pooch has an amazing sense of smell that far exceeds ours. So if your dog could talk, he'd tell you that your cleanup job was not up to snuff.

  • Bust stubborn pet stains
  • All purposes
  • Bust nasty pet odors
  • All surfaces
Certified Ecologo

Something Better

You need something better, a product that's specifically formulated to go deep below the surface and directly neutralize the offensive odors, producing results that pass your dog's sniff test.

Dogit's BUST-IT goes a step further than most stain and odor removers. It delivers triple-action cleaning power that penetrates deep below the affected surface and completely eradicates all foul traces.

BUST-IT contains a powerful combination of biodegradable ingredients, including natural bacterial cultures and fermentation extracts, that washes out stubborn stains and eliminates organic protein stains.

It specifically removes pet stains and odors caused by organic matter (feces, blood, vomit) from surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, ceramic, tile, and wood floors.

Not a chemical product

Better still, BUST-IT is biodegradable. It does not contain harsh chemicals or nauseating fumes. It's completely safe. So safe that it can be sprayed on your dog (except on eyes, nose and ears).

In fact, BUST-IT is certified by the EcoLogo program, which is a third-party environmental organization that has evaluated and assured that Bust-It meets stringent standards for environmental friendliness.

It also has a nice citrus scent that will appeal to you and your dog.

Dogit BUST-IT  Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Pet Stain & Odor Remover

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