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Fluval Sea is totally dedicated to making innovative products for saltwater aquariums.

Our goal is to satisfy the demands of serious reef hobbyists who need superior saltwater products that deliver effective and reliable results.

Our comprehensive line consists of circulation and sump pumps, mineral supplements, marine salt, LED strip and nano lights, and an internal protein skimmer.



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 Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer - 4 W Fluval sea marine supplements Fluval Sea CP4 Circulation Pump - 7 W - 5200 LPH (1375 GPH)

Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer

This skimmer provides what every marine aquarium requires: pure reef-like water conditions.

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Fluval Sea Marine Supplements

Essential Elements for Saltwater Aquariums

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Fluval Sea Circulation Pump

Fluval Sea Circulation Pump's spacesaving and innovative design provides many outstanding benefits.

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