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Closing and winterizing your pond

Have you noticed that the days are getting shorter, nights are cooler, and leaves are starting to change colours in many areas?

With autumn now here and winter approaching, it's now a good time to ensure that you have what you need to tackle all the tasks related to closing and winterizing your pond.

pond with lily

What you'll need:

  • Pond thermometer
  • Pond netting
  • Pruning tool, nets & skimmers
  • Air pump, aeration kit, pond de-icer
  • Fish food with wheat germ for Fall feeding

Water temperature

Because water temperature plays a big role, especially if you have fish, it’s important to have an accurate pond thermometer. Water temperature will help you decide when you should switch to feeding fish food specially made for Fall feeding. More about food later.

Collect falling leaves with pond netting

One of the best ways to make your job easier is to place Laguna Pond Netting over your pond to collect falling leaves. The net does all the hard work for you, as you won’t have to go around picking up leaves, especially in the deep end.

Pruning tool, nets & skimmers

Having key maintenance equipment will help simplify your job. A pruning tool is excellent for trimming plants. Nets are practical for handling fish. Skimmers make collecting surface debris easier. See all Laguna maintenance products here.

Air pump, aeration kit, pond de-icer

Take stock of your winterizing equipment, and ensure that all is working well for the upcoming winter season.


Winterizing equipment

If you plan to keep your fish in the pond, you’ll need an air pump, aeration kit and a pond de-icer to keep them alive. If you already have these products, ensure that they’re in good working condition for the upcoming winter season. If you don’t, see our winterizing equipment.

Fish food for Fall feeding

Tracking water temperature is critical heading into colder weather. When the temperature falls between 8° to 10° C (47° to 50° F), pond fish need more wheat germ in their diet. So ensure that you have a sufficient supply of
Laguna Spring/Fall Fish Food with Wheat Germ

Products for closing & winterizing your pond


Laguna Floating


Laguna Protective
Pond Netting


Laguna Spring & Fall
Floating Food
with Wheat Germ


Laguna Power Heat
De-Icer - 315 watt


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