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Kitty Litter Training Tips

Kitty Litter Training Tips

One of the first steps you should do is ensure that your kitten can get into the litter pan. The smallest kitten may require a litter pan with very low sides for the first few Months.

During the first month, you may want to mix new litter with litter used from the pet store or shelter from which your kitten originated to make a seamless transition.

You may also want to start your kitten off with an unscented one, as some felines may not adapt well to scented varieties. Simple clay litter with some bicarbonate of soda for odour control usually works very well.

The litter pan should be cleaned regularly. Sometimes a partial change in the litter is sufficient, but the pan must be thoroughly cleaned with ordinary soap and water or with a water and vinegar solution about every 10 days. Once the pan is washed, you should mix some of the soiled litter with the new.

Location, Location, Location

Your choice of location for the litter pan may be completely rejected by your kitten. If this happens, put the pan where your pet likes to go, and leave it there.

Every couple of days, slide it about 3 to 4 feet towards the place where you really want it to be, until it’s finally at your original and preferred location. To speed this up, you should place a second litter pan in your preferred location, and move the other pan more rapidly.

Faux Paws

There are two mistakes you should avoid when trying to house-train your kitten.

First, avoid starting with a litter pan that comes with a cover, especially those with a door, unless the kitten is used to such a pan. If you plan on having the kitten use a covered litter pan, keep a traditional pan as well, until your kitten gets used to the covered one.

Second, do not place the litter pan in an area where your kitten will be tempted to use the floor instead. For example, in a laundry room, where clothing on the floor may cause your kitten to think that it could use the clothes for litter instead of the box.

By following these guidelines, your kitten will be well on its way to taking care of toilet business in the location of your choice.

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