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Living World Bird Toys: Fun and Stimulating Bird Toys

Fun and Stimulating Bird Toys

Pet birds are energetic and curious creatures who enjoy exploration and discovery. Providing them with a variety of bird toys can really enhance their quality of life.

Toys help relieve boredom and break the routine of cage life. They stimulate natural behaviour, like foraging and nest building. They also help prevent behavioural issues. In general, they stimulate the senses, encourage exercise, and spur the imagination.

Living World offers a variety of bird toys, including natural, classic, and create your own toys.

Natural Bird Toys

Living World Nature’s Treasures bird toys bring real-life elements to the often artificial world of home bird cages. Pet birds will instinctively be drawn to the toys' natural elements, such as abaca rope, corn cob, bamboo, coco, fiber husks, buri leaves, cuttlebone and oyster shells.

Only food-grade colorants are used for all toys. They do not contain toxic chemicals, tree wood from wild or endangered trees, rubber, plastic, latex, glue or harmful metals.

The toys are designed for foraging, preening, climbing, chewing and overall stimulation for pet birds. They’re made of a variety of materials, textures, colours and sizes for birds of all sizes and varieties.

Fair Trade Practices

Nature's Treasures collection includes woven toys made using Fair Trade practices, which means they're made by a certified fair trade coop consisting of workers who operate under fair and equitable conditions.

Classic Toys

Living World Classic bird toys are perennial favourites as they provide a safe and secure way to encourage birds to exercise and play, as well stimulate interest and create variety. The toys are made of safe and durable plastic that withstand persistent play.

Create Your Own Bird Toys

These kits contain a variety of pieces that allow you to create your own bird toys. This is perfect for people who want to build custom-made toys specifically suited for their birds.

You can make at least 4 unique toys with a range of textures, shapes and colours to create interest, encourage play, exercise,and help condition your bird’s beak. All pieces are non-toxic and safe for chewing and manipulation.


Living World Festive Favors

Create your own bird toys

Classic Toys

Living WorldClassic Perch Parakeet Medium  81742

Living World
Classic Perch

Parakeet Medium

Living World Classic ToyValue Pack Assortment 81692

Living World
Classic Toy

Value Pack

Living World ClassicPlay Toy  81712

Living World Classic
Play Toy


Living World Classic HeartStoplight with Bells 81726

Living World
Classic Heart Stop light
with Bells



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