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Striving to provide the best for your small pet while respecting the environment. Living World Green reflects our commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment. Whether it's producing bedding using bioenergy and FSC certified wood, creating nutritious foods comprised of wholesome and natural ingredients or our use of recyclable packaging, we're conscientious about protecting the planet and believe that meeting the current environmental challenges with sustainable solutions will go a long way toward creating a better future for our world.


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Living World Green Botanicals Food Living World Green - Mineral Stone with Malva Flower & Parsley - 110 g Living World Green Ultra Comfort Premium Bedding - 20 L

Living World Green
Botanicals Food

Made in Canada with wholesome ingredients, Living World Green Botanicals small animal food is a natural, complete and nutritionally balanced extruded pellet diet containing high-quality Canadian Timothy hay and fibre-rich cellulose, an essential nutrient that supports good digestion and overall well-being.

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Mineral Stone

Our tasty supplements for small animals help promote many healthy benefits.

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Living World Green Ultra Comfort Premium Bedding

Designed specifically with small animals in mind, Living World Green Ultra Comfort Premium Bedding provides ultimate safety and comfort for your small pet.

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