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If you’re thinking of introducing your child to the hobby, bettas are a good species to start with.

About Bettas

Bettas are solitary fish who live in shallow tropical water in the wild. They’re a hardy freshwater species requiring very little maintenance. All you need to do is feed once a day and change the water weekly.

How to care for your Betta

Since you can keep them in small aquariums, typically less than
5 L (1 US gallon), water
changes are easy.

Using a soft net, simply transfer the betta to a holding container filled with water, such as small tupperware. Empty and clean the aquarium, as well as ornaments and gravel. Replenish the aquarium with clean tepid water, treat it with a dechlorinator, then gently put the fish back in the aquarium.


Marina Betta Kit, Ying/Yang

Marina Theme Kits

Getting a starter kit is the best way to get off to an good start, since it comes with all the necessities. You don’t have to run around and buy stuff separately.

Marina Theme Kits for Bettas include a clear plastic cube aquarium, colourful gravel, decorative background, an artificial plant, Nutrafin Max Betta Food, and Nutrafin Betta Plus Conditioner.

The kits are available in a variety of trendy design patterns and sizes that blend in nicely in a variety of household or office settings.

Many Cool Themes Available

Marina Betta Kit, Fireworks
Marina Betta Kit, Wild Thing
Wild Things
Marina Betta Kit, Flower
Marina Betta Kit, Sun Swirl
Sun Swirl

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Nutrafin Betta Starter Kit
Nutrafin Betta Starter kit


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