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Opening your pond in the spring

With the arrival of spring comes the enjoyment of restoring your water garden’s natural beauty.

Clean Up

Use a pond net, skimmer or pruning tool to remove leaves, twigs and debris in, around, and at the bottom of pond. To speed things up and also get to hard-to- reach areas, A Pond vacuum can help do the job. Make sure your thermometer is working properly, if it isn't, install a new one.

Refill your Pond

Early spring is a good time to consider a partial water change, depending on the pond's condition (and what was done in the fall). Winter run-off may contain pollutants that may have seeped into the pond.

Use a Laguna PowerJet or Max-Flo pump to partially drain the pond. Before refilling the pond, let the water run a few minutes to flush the pipes. After replenishing the water, add Laguna Water Prep to eliminate chlorine and chloramine as well as to neutralize harmful metals.

Treat Pond Water

The best time to start the pond's biological system is at the beginning of the season when the water temperature is above 10°C/50° F.

Laguna has a variety of water treatments to help clean up and maintain excellent water conditions. Bio Booster provides beneficial bacteria that eliminates harmful ammonia and nitrite. Phosphate Control naturally reduces algae without employing algaecides.

Cleaning the pond

Clean & Start the Equipment

Pond equipment should have been cleaned and packed away for winter. If it wasn't, make sure that you clean them thoroughly before restarting.

Replace all filter media before reinstalling your filtration systems. If pumps operated over the winter, remove and clean them. Reassemble any hoses and other water runs and inspect for damage. Repair and replace as required, then test to ensure that everything works.

If you have a waterfall, use waterfall foam to fill in gaps and openings in waterfall area.

Early spring is a good time to install a UV Sterilizer/Clarifier, which emits sun-like germicidal ultraviolet light (UVC) to help clarify green water related to free-floating algae.

When water temperature remains above 7ºC/45ºF, start the filter along with a UV clarifier to maintain clear water. Install a new UV lamp for best results throughout the season.

Add Laguna Barley Straw Pellets and Peat Granules to the filter biochamber to help achieve optimum water conditions.

Add Fish

Ensure that the water temperature is a minimum 15°C/60°F before putting fish in the pond.

Fish that have been kept indoors for the winter will need time to adjust to the pond’s environment. A sudden change in temperature and pH level can harm them.

Allow them to acclimatize gradually. Never pour or drop them into the pond. Gently net and place them in a plastic bag for transportation.

If you’ve purchased new fish, put the bag in the pond and let it float on the water surface untied. Wait about 10 minutes or until the temperature of the bag and the water are about equal, then untie the bag and add a small amount of pond water to the bag and leave for another 10 minutes.

Gently net and place them in a plastic bag for transportation.

Repeat the process once or twice more, then add ½ a cap of Laguna Water Prep before gently allowing the fish to swim out of the bag and into the pond.

Feed your Fish

Moving can be traumatic on fish, so watch them carefully to ensure that they’re adjusting to their new surroundings and that there are no losses. Also check pH levels regularly.

Fish should be fed only when the water temperature is consistently above 8°C/50º F. Once above 8°C/47ºF, begin feeding Laguna Wheat Germ Spirulina, Sticks or Pellets, which are low in protein, easier to digest, and helps minimize waste. When the water temperature stays above 10ºC/50º F, switch to Laguna All Season Fish Food, Sticks or Pellets. Feed amounts that fish can eat within a few minutes and remove any uneaten food.


Set all plants in their growing position and be sure to fertilize. For more about plant care, click here.

For more about opening your pond, see our new guide to help you create a beautiful backyard oasis.

Cleaning the pond

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