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  • 73651 - Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Large Dog Drinking Fountain - 10.5 L (355 fl oz)

    The Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Large Drinking Fountain for Dogs provides your dog with a continuous source of fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water. Responding to your pet's attraction to running water, the drinking fountain encourages your pet to drink more water which is beneficial to his health and well-being.

    The drinking fountain's re-circulating water flow eliminates stale, stagnant water, while the purifying filter helps absorb impurities and trap debris. Veterinarian recommended, designed with large breed dogs in mind, the drinking fountain is also perfect for older dogs, or dogs with joint or muscle problems.

    Key Features :

    • Elevated Drinking Basin: provides a more comfortable drinking position
    •  Integrated Splash Guard: reduces water spillage
    •  360° Rotating Dome with Water Flow: positions the water flow in a desired direction
    •  Large Surface Area: adds oxygen for fresher, tastier water
    •  Re-circulating Flow: eliminates stale, stagnant water
    •  Purifying Filter: traps debris and absorbs impurities for cleaner water
    •  Large Water Capacity: holds 355 fl oz (10.5 L)
    •  Suitable for Multiple Pets
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  • 90200 - Dogit Design Dog Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain - 10 L (338 fl oz)

    Add an air of tranquility and relaxation to your patio, yard or deck with the Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain for Dogs. During the spring, summer and fall months the fountain provides a refreshing outdoor oasis for your thirsty pet; responding to his need for a continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water, while making a delightful addition to your outdoor living space.

    When the colder weather arrives, move the fountain indoors, where its clean lines and contemporary shape allow it to seamlessly blend with any modern home décor setting.

    The fountain is elevated to provide a better ergonomic drinking position, and is illuminated with an energy-efficient LED light to better help with night-time visibility. Encouraging your pet to drink more water helps ensure proper kidney function.

    Includes :

    • Carbon filter
    • Weather-resistant outdoor certified transformer,
    • Pump with LED light
    • Instruction manual

    Key Features :

    • For outdoor or indoor use
    • Illuminated for night-time visibility
    • Elevated Design: provides a more comfortable drinking position; ideal for large breeds, older dogs, or dogs with muscle and joint problems
    • Re-circulating system : Cools and aerates water; eliminates stale, stagnant water
    • Multi-Stage Filtration: Collects debris, food, hair and sediment; helps absorb water impurities.
    • Outdoor Certified Transformer: weather-resistant connection allows fountain to operate outdoors, rain or shine
    • Suitable for multiple pets. Also suitable for cats.
    • Capacity : 10 L (338 fl oz)
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