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The Hamster Cage with a Design Twist

The Hamster Cage with a Design Twist

The idea for Habitrail Twist came from a market need for a fresh, contemporary-looking hybrid hamster cage.

The mandate presented to Hagen's design team was to create a hybrid hamster home that would complement and be compatible with existing Habitrail cages and trails.

The new cage had to have its own identity, with a unique design and colour personality, as well as a look and feel that blended in nicely with existing Habitrail systems.

Meeting Design Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was to develop a unit that would satisfy the spatial needs of hamsters but also respond to the desire of small animal owners who sought a space-saving cage unlike bulky traditional cages.

Habitrail Twist
Habitrail Twist

As the Habitrail design team went to work, it became evident that the best solution was to develop an oblong architecture because it maximized living space and met the space-saving needs of pet owners by optimizing both horizontal and vertical space.

Once the oblong shape was established, the design team built prototypes for field testing with real pet hamsters. The trials helped fine tune the cage and also showed that hamsters adapted well and enjoyed the new living space.

Building Key Structural Features

Moving forward with the oblong model, our designers developed other features to satisfy key needs, such as easy assembly and maintenance, viewing clarity, and hamster comfort.

A deep base was developed to improve litter collection as well as to protect hamsters from drafts and provide a greater sense of security. A light shade of blue was used to allow an unobstructed view of the interior. Also, the inner rounded corners prevent gnawing and simplify cleaning.

The team designed a large upper wire frame for maximum air circulation with a supersized plastic door that opens widely for easy inside access. The clear door allows a great aerial view inside the cage and includes an easy-to-use sliding lock that prevents unwanted escapes.

Innovative Interior Cage Design

To encourage natural hamster habits, they designed an innovative elevated feeding area to make the hamster work for food, just as it would in nature. It also stimulates exercise. To make life easier for owners, the feeding platform eliminates the need for dishes, which often get tipped over and create messy spills.

For additional workouts, the team included an exercise wheel as well as a space-saving water bottle located outside the home.

For consumer convenience, the cage is packaged partially assembled to make assembly very easy.

The cage includes a patented Habitrail lock connector, two inner rings and two windows for compatibility with all Habitrail systems.


Habitrail OVO Lock Connector
Habitrail OVO
Lock Connector

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