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Cats are demanding creatures – and so are cat lovers.


Cats are demanding creatures – and so are cat lovers. CATIT VESPER V-LINE cat furniture is the perfect convergence of innovative design, cat-friendly materials and meticulous workmanship. The result is an elegant yet practical line of cat furniture that satisfies the daily activity needs of fussy felines and the aesthetic tastes of cat lovers. Every stunning piece of furniture features varying combinations of cozy cubes, platforms and tunnels, as well as strategically placed scratching areas.

– Material –

  • High-quality MDF made from New Zealand pine
  • V-LOUNGE & V-HIGH LOUNGE models are made of bended poplar wood and walnut veneer
  • V-CUBE models feature powder-coated tubular steel frames
  • Rounded corners and edges for a safe and pleasant feel
  • Durable seaweed scratching poles
  • Soft memory foam cushions
  • Various fabric surfaces
  • Wood-finished laminate with scratch-resistant surface
  • Water-based lacquer

– Features –

  • Sturdy design
  • Removable cushion and scratching surfaces, thanks to Velcro® strips
  • Suspended toys can be replaced easily
  • Easy installation
  • Space-saving packaging

 Catit Vesper



Catit Vesper V-Playstation - Walnut - 52071
Catit V-PLAYSTATION, white - 52072


The V-PLAYSTATION is a discovery centre, play area and learning device in one. It can be used in various positions and thus offers maximum diversity for your cat.

37 x 23.5 cm, height: 44 cm / 14.57 x 9.25″, height: 17.32″

V-PLAYSTATION, walnut - 52071

V-STOOL, Walnut - 52073
V-STOOL, walnut - 52073
V-BASE, white - 52074

2. V - STOOL

The V-Stool is our expandable play and sleeping spot for cats. Combine several pieces of furniture and, in doing so, create a unique Vesper adventure tower for your cat.

46.5 x 37 cm, height: 37 cm, 18.31 x 14.57″, height: 14.57″

V-STOOL, walnut
V-STOOL, white - 

Catit Vesper V-Box - Walnut - Large - 52077
V-DOUBLE, walnut
V-BOX, white - small

3. V - BOX

The V-BOX large is our compact adventure world for cats. Multiple levels and lounging spots offer the opportunity to relax and play while the long scratching pillar and space invite the cat to enjoy sharpening its claws.

(sm) 37 x 37 cm, height: 72.5 cm, 14.57 x 14.57″, height: 28.54″
(lg) 50 x 40 cm, height: 78 cm, 19.69 x 15.75″, height: 30.71″

V-BOX, walnut - small - 52075
V-BOX, white - small - 52076
V-BOX, walnut - large - 52077

V-BASE, black - 52043
V-BASE, walnut - 52042
V-BASE, black - 52043

4. V - BASE

The V-BASE makes your and your cats life colorful! The combination of seaweed, MDF and off-white makes this cat furniture sturdy and stunning. The V-BASE is the ideal place for your cat to play or rest.

Base: 55.5 x 56 cm / Height: 81,5 cm

V-BASE, walnut - 52042
V-BASE, black - 52043

V-DOUBLE, walnut - 52048
V-DOUBLE, walnut - 52048
V-DOUBLE, black - 52049


The big brother of the V-BASE, the V-DOUBLE has two caves and is ideal for 2 or more cats. Its multi-level design provides a space to rest as well as offers the opportunity to climb, jump and play.

Base: 65 x 65 cm / Height: 103,5 cm

V-DOUBLE, walnut - 52048
V-DOUBLE, black - 52049

V-HIGH BASE, black 52046
Vesper V-High BASE - black #52046
V-HIGH BASE, walnut. #52045


The V-HIGH BASE is an eye-catcher. It has tall and slim seaweed scratching poles that stimulate extensive scratching in an elongated posture. The cube cave with rear exit provides a cozy space for a nap.

Base: 22.1 x 22.1 in/Height: 47.8 in

V-HIGH BASE, black - 52046
V-HIGH BASE, walnut - 52045


V-TOWER, black - 52053
V-TOWER, black - 52053

7. V - TOWER

This piece of cat furniture–the V-Tower–is a stunning multi-level world for curious cats. It has two cube caves and one tunnel cave for playing or resting. Large scratching mats ensure hours of scratching fun.

Base: 65 x 65 cm / Height: 117,5 cm

V-TOWER, black - 52053


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