Laguna Power Heat De-Icer - 315 watt

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Item#: PT1642
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The Laguna PowerHeat 315-watt De-Icer keeps and maintains a thawed, open area at the pond surface, allowing toxic gases from fish respiration and decomposing organic matter to escape.

The thawed area also allows oxygen to re-enter the pond. Safe for plastic and liner ponds, the De-Icer will not harm fish or plants.

The unit includes a highly visible LED pilot light that indicates when it's on, a 315-watt heating element that melts snowfall on contact allowing clear visibility of the LED light, a thermostatically-controlled on/off feature that prevents overheating and saves energy costs, and a 7 m (22 ft) electrical cord with grounded plug.

Other models available :

  •  Laguna PowerHeat De-icer, 500 watt (PT1643)

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