Water gardens and water features have a long history spanning many cultures. They delight the senses and bring life to homes and yards, regardless of space. You don't need to go to great lengths to create ponds, waterfalls, fountains and water features. Basic water features are usually easy to set up, relatively low in costs, and easy to maintain. A standalone ornamental fountain or a bowl with a fountain quickly brings the calming sound of water to your living space. For the more adventurous do-it-yourselfer, you will need pond equipment such as pumps, filters, and liners. Whatever your needs, Laguna's easy-to-install, convenient, and durable products will make your venture into water gardening beautifully simple. See links below for complete product offering.



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Laguna Water Prep - 2 L (67 fl oz) Laguna Pressure Flo 4000 High Performance Pond Filter Laguna All Season Goldfish & Koi Floating Food - 2 kg (4.4 lb)

Laguna Water Prep

Laguna Water Prep is specifically formulated to provide several benefits to the entire pond environment.

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Laguna Pressure Flo
High Performance Pond Filter

These amazing high performance filters are unbeatable for keeping ponds in top condition.

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Laguna All Season floating
fish food

Made with nutritious ingredients, our specially formulated pond fish food promotes good health, strong growth, and brilliant colours.

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