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While there are thousands of products out there for cats, there are a few basics that you'll need to get off to a good start.

While there are thousands of products out there for cats, there are a few basic ones that you’ll need to get off to a good start.

Catit Design Glass Diner - Black Base

54531 - Catit Design Glass Diner - Black Base

Litter Pans and Litter

Kittens instinctively like to bury their waste, so in a majority of cases, it’s relatively simple to train them to use a litter pan. There are several types on the market.


Kittens should always have fresh water available. A good quality dish or bowl is highly recommended. Plastic bowls often discharge odours that cats may not like. Make sure the bowls are stable as kittens often play with their food and water.

Catit Open Cat Litter pan

 Catit Open Cat Pan

Kitten in box

An open concept plastic litter box with a splashguard (not a hood) is recommended. Some kittens may be discouraged by unusual smells or unfamiliar doors or flaps. If this is the case, use unscented litter and simply add baking soda to the litter.

Clean the litter box on a regular basis. Partial cleaning is okay, as long as you clean the entire box with simple soap and water at least twice a month to get rid of odours absorbed by the plastic.

If kitty misses the mark and makes a mess, a stain & odor remover such as Catit Bust-It works very well.

55205 Catit Style Adjustable Nylon Cat Collar

Catit Style Adjustable Nylon Cat Collar
 55224 Catit Style Adjustable Nylon Cat Harness
Catit Style Adjustable Nylon Cat Harness

Collars, Harnesses and Leashes

Many kittens resist wearing collars or harnesses at first and can put up quite a fuss. So it’s a good idea to fit them with one as soon as possible to allow them to get used to it. The same is true for leash training.

Many cats may learn to go for walks, if started early. Harnesses are the best idea if you intend to go for walks. Or you may choose to tether your feline in the backyard.

A collar is highly recommended for a couple of reasons. You can include an identification tag which is an extremely helpful tracking device in the event that your furry friend gets lost or is involved in an accident.

And if the need for a flea collar arises, your cat will be more accepting if she's used to something around her neck.

All collars should have a breakaway feature, as kittens and cats tend to squirm and roll if they get their collars snagged. The breakaway feature will allow them to free themselves without injury.


Cats are notorious for clawing at furniture. Scratching is a cat’s way of marking its territory. So this behaviour is usually inevitable. This is why scratchers are so practical: they provide an outlet for your cat’s scratching urges and they spare your furniture.

There are several different types of good quality scratchers on the market – some are covered with carpet, others are made with sisal rope. To persuade your kitten to use one, make sure you place it in an easily accessible area and, if needed, add a little bit of catnip or suspend a toy from it.

These are just a few basic products for your new kitten. As she grows you may want to explore other cat products to help stimulate and enhance your furry friend’s life.

Vesper V-Tower

Catit Vesper V-Tower



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