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Welcome to beautifully simple water gardening

Planting – Cultivating Aquatic Plants

Creating a water garden is a great way to grow new and different types of plants. Plant varieties that require damp, wet or submerged conditions not only make a garden look great, but with care, will help maintain healthy water conditions in the pond.

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Deep Water Plants and Water Lilies

Typically, deeper areas of the pond are reserved for water lilies; however, there are times when you should consider introducing other deep water plants. Water lilies have a more difficult time growing favorably when there is a fountain or waterfall. Deep water plants, such as lotus, water hawthorn or water poppies, can tolerate both moving water and a little shade.

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Planting - cultivating aquativ plants

Plant water depths from surface to pot rim

Plant water dpths from surface to pot rim

Stocking your pond

Fish add color, movement and grace to water gardens. Pond size and oxygen levels in the water will help determine the number of fish it can accommodate. It’s better to have a little less fish than a little too many. In the summer, fish are more active and warm water contains less oxygen, so it’s important to resist any temptation to overstock.

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Stocking your pond - Fish add color, movement and grace to any water garden.


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