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Nutrafin BUG BITESTM are specifically formulated to address the natural, insect-based feeding habits of fish, providing essential nutrients vital to their growth and development. Naturally palatable! Sustainable Development!

Nutrafin Bug Bites: Made in Canada Nutrafin Bug Bites

Insects have long been preyed upon in the wild as they offer fish a high-protein, nutrient-rich diet that is easily digested and readily available. The black soldier fly is widely hunted particularly for its great nutritional content and palatability, which is why we’ve made it the #1 ingredient in all Bug Bites formulas.

Why bugs?

Bug Bites™ also include a high quality salmon protein, which is rich in Omega-3 and 6 for healthy skin, scales, fins and a more colorful appearance. Essential amino acids and minerals are mixed into every formula to ensure your fish enjoy a completely balanced diet.

Our ingredients are locally harvested and prepared in small batches within our own facility for complete control and quality assurance. The proximity of our ingredients also allows us to maximize freshness and select items at their peak nutritional value.

Quality ingredients - Locally made in Canada

Using a unique and sustainable cultivation process, Black Soldier Fly larvae (long known for their nutritional properties) are grown under controlled conditions as they feed off of unconsumed fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. The larvae are then dried and mixed with high quality salmon protein (rich in omega-3 & 6), as well as other essential aminos and minerals, to offer a completely balanced and organic diet.

In collaboration with Enterra
Sustainable Process - 6 steps

Under controlled conditions, black soldier flies produce larvae that naturally feed on decaying organic matter.

Unconsumed fruits & vegetables, which would otherwise go to waste, are used as larvae feed.

The larvae consume the fruits & vegetables, converting the nutrients into protein & good fat.

After a 14-day feeding cycle, the larvae are harvested & dried.

The dried larvae are then mixed with high quality salmon protein (rich in omega-3 & 6), essential aminos & minerals.

Once mixed, the formulations are extruded into nutrient-dense granules, pellets & sticks ready for fish consumption.

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