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Laguna is dedicated to beautifully simple water gardening. Our quality products are designed for easy installation and lasting, worry-free performance.

At Laguna, we believe that water gardening should be a beautifully simple experience. This belief drives us to develop products that make building and maintaining a water garden easy – from pumps, filters, and skimmers to fish food, decorative features, and maintenance products.

Laguna water pumps are unrivalled for their power, efficiency and trouble-free operation. Our low-maintenance filtration systems create healthy pond water for fish and plants to thrive. Hardware can easily be connected using Laguna Click-Fit connectors.



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Opening your pond Laguna PowerGlo Submersible 40 LED Pond Light Kit with 3-way splitter Laguna Phos-X Phosphate Remover, Treats up to 5000 L (1320 U.S. gal.)

Opening Your Pond: 7 Easy Steps

With spring finally here, it's time to start opening your pond.

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Laguna PowerGlo Submersible LED Pond Lights

Laguna PowerGlo Submersible LED Pond Lights are extremely compact and can be used almost anywhere, in or out of the water, to produce stunning lighting effects.

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Laguna Water Prep -
Makes pond water safe for fish

Before you put fish in your new pond, add a dose of Water Prep to ensure that the water is safe for them.

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