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At Hagen, we recognize the specific requirements of various bird species and work to develop products that best fulfill their individual needs. Vision re-invented bird cages to respond to the real needs of birds and their owners.  Living World remains dedicated to providing quality bird food, supplements, cages, toys and accessories. Tropimix and Tropican lead the way in premium nutrition thanks to years of devoted research and development by our very own H.A.R.I. (Hagen Avicultural Research Institute). Find HARI on Facebook.

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HARI donates genuine replicas of rare parrot book Hagen Gourmet Small Parrot Seed Mix - 1 kg (2.2 lb)  Living World Circus Toy - Balance - White/Red

HARI donates genuine replicas of rare parrot book

HARI donated genuine replicas of a rare parrot book, entitled 1883 Vogelbilder Aus Fernen Zonen der PAPAGEIEN von Dr. A Reichenow, to the Think Parrots Show.

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Hagen Gourmet Seed Mixes

Our tried-and-true bird seed mixes contain high quality ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of companion birds.

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Living World Circus Toys

These enticing toys encourage your pet bird to exercise and play.

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