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Over the years, the role dogs play in our lives has evolved from pet to beloved family member. Today's proud dog parents lavish their loyal companions with much care and attention, often bringing them along on their daily errands or family vacations.  As a result, owners are constantly searching for higher quality, more innovative products that meet their demanding lifestyles. Our products have also evolved in keeping with today's realities. This is reflected in our brands for dog care. Nutrience is a trusted brand in premium quality dog nutrition. Dogit and Le Salon deliver convenient and functional products in every area of dog care, including housing, grooming, transportation, walking, clothing, dishware, toys and treats. See links below for complete product offering.

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Protecting your dog this winter Zeus Bomber Bomb Orange Tug Ball with Flashing LED - 12.7 cm (5 in) Nutrience Infusion Freeze-Dried Infused Biscuits - Succulent Salmon & Sesame - 135 g (4.7 oz)

Protecting your dog this winter

Winter has arrived in full force, with temperatures dropping to -40°C in some areas, so making sure your pooch can withstand these harsh elements is imperative.

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Zeus dog toys

Zeus is dedicated to enriching the lives of dogs, offering a range of quality toys that stand the test of time, provide value and satisfy the wants and needs of dogs and their owners.

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Nutrience Freeze Dried Infused Biscuits for dogs

Nutrience Freeze-Dried biscuits, you'll feel as good about giving them as your pet feels about getting them.

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