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Our mission is to improve the quality of cat care around the world. Our products are carefully designed to nourish, comfort, motivate and amuse cats of all ages.

Catit continues to provide leadership products for cats through practical design and innovation for today's
lifestyle needs.

Our innovative solutions are based on dedicated research and development, as well as valuable input from behavioral specialists, product experts and cat parents around the world.


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Catit Play Pirates Catnip Toys - Plush Gold Pouch Catit Play Spinning Bee Catit Vesper Tunnel - Grey - 68 x 97 x 28 cm (26.77 x 38.18 x 11 in)

Catit Play Pirates Catnip Toys

The Catit Play Pirates line has everything a cat pirate needs to have an adventure: pouches of gold, funny parrots, wooden barrels, catnip bombs and even a cat cannon!

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Catit Play Spinning Bee

The Catit Play Spinning Bee is an interactive cat toy that spins crazily and sends out laser beams getting your cat to play.

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Catit Vesper Tunnel

With the Catit Vesper Tunnel, your cat will have countless hours of fun while playing and exploring.

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