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Quality Food for Your Fish

Quality Ingredients

Nutrafin Max contains top quality ingredients that provide maximum nutrition due to their high bioavailability (high metabolic absorption).

Our nourishing fish food contains multi-vitamins, natural colour enhancers, and Advanced Yeast Extract, which helps improve digestion and allows optimal nutrient absorption.

Some varieties of Nutrafin Max contain spirulina, a key ingredient that produces many health benefits and is a valuable source of several colour-enhancing pigments. Try to incorporate some spirulina in your fish's diet, especially for herbivores.


Variety is important. Nutrafin Max provides a complete selection of flake, freeze-dried, granular, stick, and tablet foods, designed to effectively feed most species of aquarium fish.

How Much Do I Feed?

A good rule of thumb is to use time as a guiding factor. Aggressive feeders usually consume their requirements within two to three minutes, two to three times daily.

Fish such as discus and bottom dwellers (catfish, loaches, sharks, plecostomus) need about 5 minutes to eat properly. Always research your particular fish species as well as consult pet store staff to get details about feeding requirements.

For complete information about feeding your fish go to Hagen's Basic Aquarium Guide.


Nutrafin Max Goldfish Flakes 38 g (1.34 oz)

Nutrafin Max
Goldfish Flakes

Nutrafin Max Marine Granules 80 g (2.82 oz)

Nutrafin Max Marine Granules

Nutrafin Max Flakes + Freeze Dried Mysis Shrimp 35 g (1.23 oz)

Nutrafin Max Flakes + Freeze Dried Mysis Shrimp

Nutrafin Max Bottom Feeder Sinking Food Tablets, 120 g (4.23 oz)

Nutrafin Max Bottom Feeder Sinking
Food Tablets

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