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Hagen pet care commitment: Today’s business may be borderless, but some things never change. Our employees are the backbone of our company.

Hagen Pet Care Commitment

Our employees are the backbone of our company and the driving force behind its global expansion. We all share a common bond of love and compassion for animals and are committed to continuing our company's rich family history of loyalty and entrepreneurial spirit.

Hagen Locations

Over 2 million square feet of Global Distribution

Hagen currently has offices in Canada, U.S.A., U.K., France, Germany and Malaysia, in addition to distribution and sales partnerships in over 60 countries.

Our success enables so many good things.

Hagen considers it a privilege to take leadership roles in environmental initiatives, animal rescue, educational funding, charities and other community causes.

Hagen’s head office and subsidiaries support local animal shelters and organizations on a continuous basis throughout the year. By providing product samples, as well as food to these organizations, we help keep their doors open and allow them to continue to educate and promote companion animal health and well-being, which is an important part of our core values.

Hagen is a proud long-term sponsor and supporter of parrot conservation groups, such as “World Parrot Trust” and the
Loro Parque Foundation”.

Exo Terra supports leading conservation foundations to safeguard endangered reptile species and their natural habitats.

Sustainable Development

Low-wattage products

Hagen has always offered low-wattage pond and aquatic products that save significant energy over the life of the product. Research is underway to extend this attribute to more product lines.

Women holding a puppy

Turtle conservation

World Parrot Trust Loro Parque fundacion

Reduced packaging

Using substrates higher in recyclable material, Hagen keeps its packaging footprint as tight as possible so as not to produce excessively large boxes or blister cards.

Reusable/recyclable materials

In Europe, Hagen follows strict regulations in which the use of Styrofoam and other non-recyclables in packaging is severely limited. Developing reusable/recyclable substitutes has advanced company practices for application around the world.

Renewable/sustainable resources

Hagen manufactures a growing number of products from renewable or sustainable resources such as bamboo, canvas and cotton. Ceramic is replacing melamine bowls for small animals and dogs and cats. Glass bottles are replacing plastic.

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