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Laguna PowerClear Multi 2014
 Powerful enough to run a waterfall and Clear water guaranteed
PowerClear Multi 3500 PT1817

Laguna PowerClear
Multi 3500

High Performance All-In-One Pump, Filter And UV

Laguna’s PowerClear Multi Three-In-One unit provides industry leading filtration, water circulation and UVC sterilisation. PowerClear Multi is simple to install and easy to maintain.

Industry Leading Pump Performance!
Features and benefits:

  • High performance filtration media
  • Compact, powerful UV - Eliminates Green Water Guaranteed
  • Powerful pump performance for maximum flow and versatility
  • Two fountain head options
  • Anti leaf design for less frequent maintenance
  • Weight balanced design gives maximum stability
  • Premium European quality
  • 3 year warranty

Product details:

Laguna Bio Brick
  • Mechanical filtration through indented foams assure higher filtration surface area
  • Biological filtration through revolutionary Bio Brick (PT1834)
  • Powerful UV bulb to eliminate green water
  • Modular design to allow additional filtration (sold separately)
Biological and mechanical filter system

Biological filtration achieved through revolutionary Bio-Brick media. This biological media is made from an all natural, kiln fired clay based material with thousands of small air filled cavities perfect for growing beneficial bacteria.

Mechanical filtration provided by durable, convoluted foams. This rigid, foam pad provides a greater surface area due to the convoluted or “egg crate” design, requiring less cleaning and maintenance.

Laguna PowerClear Multi pond background

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