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Small animal bedding is made of recycled paper

From the moment you buy a small animal at the pet shop to the time you place it in its new cage, your furry little friend will spend most of its life knee-deep in bedding.

Bedding serves many practical purposes. For little critters inside the cage, it provides a safe substrate for nesting and burrowing. For small pet owners, it’s an easy and convenient way to clean up after them.

Living World Fresh ‘N Comfy

Bedding products made of recycled newspaper are emerging as popular alternatives to traditional wood shavings, namely because of their ecological friendliness, but also because they deliver many
practical benefits.

With today’s advanced pelletization processes, it’s possible to create ideal bedding material, such as Living World’s Fresh ‘N Comfy, which provides a wish-list of advantages, including deep absorbency, superior odor control and safety.

Many Benefits

Fresh ‘N Comfy pellets consist of biodegradable, recycled newspaper and baking soda, which is an effective combination that provides superior absorbency and odor control. The bottom line is that it lasts longer and reduces the frequency of changes.

The pellets are dust-free and do not contain phenols or scented oils that can be harmful to the respiratory system of small animals. Fresh ‘N Comfy is suitable for all small animals, as well as reptiles, birds
and cats.

Living World Fresh 'N Comfy Bedding 10 L (610 cu in) - Tan

Living World Fresh 'N Comfy Bedding

Eco-Friendly bedding

odor control evaluation

Absorbency by volume

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