Living World Fresh 'N Comfy Bedding - 20 L (1220 cu in) - Tan

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Item#: 61262
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Like all Living World pet bedding and litter products, Living World Fresh ‘N Comfy bedding is environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable for small pets. Made from biodegradable recycled newspaper, Fresh ‘N Comfy is dust free and does not contain phenols or scented oils that can be harmful to the respiratory system of small animals.

The bedding contains baking soda, which provides more absorbency, superior odor control, and allows the bedding to last longer between cage changes. The bedding is suitable for all small animals, reptiles, birds and cats.

Bedding is important because it provides a natural burrowing and nesting environment that stimulates superior environmental enrichment. 20 L

Other sizes available :

  • 61261 Living World Fresh 'N Comfy Tan, 10 L 
  • 61263 Living World Fresh 'N Comfy Tan, 50 L

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