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Safer, Healthier, Better

Made with real chicken and easily digestible ingredients, rawhide-free Zeus Better Bones provide pet parents with a healthy alternative for their dogs. Combining irresistible, mouth-watering Flavours with chewy goodness, Better Bones provide hours of fun while satisfying your dog's natural chewing instinct and promoting good oral hygiene.

Why Better b ones are better
  • Zeus Better Bones
  • Leading
Extremely palatable yes yes
Rawhide-Free yes yes
Easy to digest yes yes
Made with
real chicken
yes yes
Help maintain
oral hygiene
Minimum 10% protein yes  
Chewy and pliable yes  
No added salt yes  
Made in Thailand yes  
Better $ Value yes  
Available in Peanut butter,
BBQ Chicken, Milk and
Salmon Flavours
Made with real chicken

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