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Zeus for dogs

Zeus Walking and Training Accessories

The Zeus line of dog collars, leashes, harnesses and speciality items offer a complete range of products in classic and fashion-fresh colors for everyday walks and for basic training needs.


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Zeus Leashes

Zeus Ranger

The Ranger by Zeus Anti-Bark Collar

For dogs safely and humanely helps reduce excessive barking with the gentle use of sound and vibration-pain free & shock free.

This collar offers a choice of two different training modes (sound or vibration), which allow you to select the mode that best works for you and your dog.

The Ranger by Zeus Anti-Bark Collar is an excellent way to curb your dog's excessive barking. This collar is also available for large dogs.

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Zeus Alpha

The Alpha by Zeus Dog Muzzle

Helps to control biting, barking and chewing while still allowing your pet to drink, pant and accept treats. Made from thermo-plastic rubber the muzzle is tough, yet flexible, with large openings to allow for maximum airflow and ventilation to avoid overheating.

The muzzle can also be used on walks to help protect your pet from scavenging and eating harmful items; as a safety aid during training; or to help prevent wound licking after surgery.

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