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Catit smartsift

Catit SmartSift is enjoying huge success around the world, thanks to its simple and reliable design that makes litter management so much easier and convenient.

Here’s what people are saying about SmartSift:


“I just ordered my second box. I was really impressed with the first one I ordered. It works well and there's no mess! It's so easy to set up and I'm glad I don't have to sift and scoop the litter box anymore!”

- Ericandcris, Killeen, TX

It's going well

“It took several days for the cat to finally use this new litter box, but once we removed the old one, she transferred her business to the new one without a hitch. I found it very easy to assemble from the box. The mechanics seem a little stiff and I wonder how it will stand up to time and continued use. I found that not all the clumps fall easily into the bottom tray, so keep your scooper nearby. It is great to just pull that lever and drop the smelly stuff below every evening, and so far it has controlled the odor. This is the important issue since we live in a small apartment and the litter box lives in a hallway off the living area.”

- Caroljp, Florida


“This thing works great, real simple to assemble and operate. To the person who said it just dumps all the litter, you must be using it wrong somehow. Maybe moving the lever way too fast. You want all the clean litter to get sifted into the catch area before pulling the lever all the way to get the clumps to drop below. Pretty sure that's one of the reasons it has a view window on top, so you can make sure you're not wasting litter.”

- TwizVR420, GA

Best so far

“I have tried almost every litter box made from self flushing to even a sweater box! I have seven cats, so I have to have something that works. My personal favorite was the self flushing, but the cats didn't like it so much. This is a great in between box. It doesn't require anything mechanical, so it won't be breaking soon. They all stopped using their old litter boxes and are all using this one box, so needless to say, I need to get more.”

- Ralphscats

We’ve also listened to concerns from customers and made key improvements:

empty smartsift with liner Filled smartsift with liner

  • We’ve enhanced the Maximum Fill Line for litter inside the cat pan, so that it’s now easier to see
  • We’ve made the liners transparent, so that you can clearly see the Maximum Fill Line

For a complete guide on how to use SmartSift, watch our video below.


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Product reviews courtesy of Petco Animal Supplies Inc.

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