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Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one or friend this holiday season? If he or she loves pets, Hagen has a variety of gift ideas for people of all ages.

Dog or Cat Treats

From catnip mice to jingle bell balls, the Cat Love Furry Frolics Cat Toys are great stocking stuffers and for the Dog lover in your life, the Dogit stuffies dog toys are always a good bet.

Dogit Stuffies Dog Toy
Dogit Dreamwell Bed
 The Bulldog by Zeus
Zoë Dental Sticks
Vesper Cat Furniture
Cat Love Furry Frolics Cat Toy
Catit Grooming Kit
Catit Senses 2.0

Under the sea

If the child on your list has shown interest in the world of aquatics then our Marina Betta kits will have everything they need to quench their curiousity. A great way to introduce them to the pleasures of having a pet and the life lessons that go with it.

Marina Pirates Aquarium Kit
Marina Betta Aqua Decor Ornament
Marina Mermaid Aquarium Kit
Marina Betta Shaker Pellets

For those looking for a really cool aquatic experience; then look no further than our LED lights or Fluval Flex and Vista aquariums. For saltwater experiences then take a look at the
Fluval Sea EVO saltwater kits.

Fluval Sea EVO Aquarium Kit
Nutrafin Bug Bites
Fluval Vista Aquarium
Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light

Take flight in the world of Aviculture

If you have someone interested in the feathered variety then we have starter kits to help get them started. Complete with all the basic necessities to get off to the right start, our all-inclusive housing packages deliver great value for your money and make your first-time shopping experience for your new companion bird so much easier.

Living World has a starter kit for your new small bird
Nutrition to last a lifetime
Living World Cockatiel Starter Kit
HARI Rustic Treasures

For information on caring, and everything else about Aviculture then we recommend a visit to (Hagen Avicultural Research Institute).

A golden little friend

A smalltastic compromise between a cat and a dog is a small animal like a hamster. It is an exceptional companion that is easy to keep and doesn’t require lots of attention. We have several small animal starter kits to help get anyone on your list started.

Living World has a starter kit for a variety of small animals
Living World Fresh 'N Comfy Bedding
Living World Deluxe Habitat
Living World Nibblers

Reptiles and amphibians

Reptile and amphibian keeping has come a long way and now is more exciting and accessible than ever before. We have a variety of starter kits, food and everything in-between to help get anyone on your list set and ready.

Exo Terra basic reptile starter kits
Exo Terra Hide outs
Exo Terra extruded nutrition
Exo Terra Terrarium
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